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Tuesday, 12 December 2006

gym madnesSs !

heyy fools :D this morning i went to the gym with *Khanum*,*Darkshine* and Nada....we got there at 8:30 and all was good (weird thing is the little TV's on the machines show porn :P and i knowww that's the REAL reason why *Khanum* came extra early this morning lol j/k) anywayy like i said all was good until me and *Khanum* went to go shower (ok that just sounds wrong -eheh) and when i wanted to come out of the shower i realized my clothes were missing - loooool (its funny NOW) and so i was screamin wheres my freakin' clothes!!! and ofcourse *Khanum*, *Darkshine* and Nada thought it was sooo funny - i swear they led me on a goose chase hehe (and the lady watching over the lockers thought i was psycho by the way). *Khanum* was laughin so much she was all teary-eyed (which made me think of all the different possibilities of *Khanum* plots lol ) thennn my clothes were "placed" in the other shower - which i know *Khanum* said was MY doing loool - (yaaah, sure *Khanum* i dont trust ur sneaky smile :D) sooo we ended up leaving too late for Bahrain and so we to starbux...and the rest is history.


P.S Dont believe *Khanum's* story its b.s lol!

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