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Monday, 5 November 2007

A Day in the Life of Manx

Reflecting on last week, tuesday.

6:30 am - I'm up...having breakfast in bed (I just realized I sound like I'm spoilt God bless the housemaid), toast...and tea...yes I'm english.

6:35 am - take a vitamin, layin bed I refuse to step down from the throne...

6:45 am - I realize if I dont get my ass in gear I'll be late...so I put on the scrubs and 3abaya and grab my change of clothes and leave the house.

7-7:30 I'm always stuck in traffic - well the driver is atleast :P

7:30 I reach the "bus stop" in Dhahran where a private van takes us girls and guys to Bahrain

8:30 I'm @the silent hill hospital :P lol...let the training begin yaaay. I wait for my trainee partner. Grab my patient/medications assignments if given and go.

9:00 I go to the first floor, near the hydro ward and enter the staff room...theres always Hamid here way before time...nerd :P lool

9:00-9:15 I give my supervisior my papers in the staff room and we discuss medications or whatever that was researched on.

9:15 I go to the second floor ward 23 usually...and meet the new patient..I usually assess two patients in Cardiology ward. I hate that ward...its very depressing everyone is on ventilators and are usually unconscious....ahhh al7amdillah....

around 10:00 my supervisior took me to a patient who had his own room...he was very thin but middle aged looking...he was sweating like crazy although the room was quite cool and he was gasping although he was on a ventilator..I was confused..why would he gasp while on ventilation - whats wrong?? I looked at my super Dr Ashwaq (she doesnt get the cool nickname as Ash hahah) and I asked abt what the patient had...she refused to tell me in the room told me she will outside. His room didnt have anything to show anyone had visited him since his stay.
We left. She told me once I see what the patient had to be silent and not show emotion for the people around me. Felt awkward. I checked the file. Male, 36 years old. Married, Turkish. HIV positive.
Ooh..okay...I've never seen that before, someone who I knew actually has it...moving on :S

11:00 I go up the service stairs...smells a bit like cigarrettes its funny how patients secretly smoke there :P

11-1 pm -I'm in the orthopedics department - where I see atleast 3 patients...usually of which fractured the bones in their legs. Before seeing them I go to the nurse station...its in the middle of the ward..and then I search through the catalogue to find the patient's file according to their bed numbers...and grab the X-rays just below and have a glance.

I meet up with the patients. Usually I've seen them before otherwise my partner and I go through the standard procedure of assessment and treatment...I usually do gait training (rehab for walking again) for atleast one patient...atleast.

1pm my feet are pounding been on them all morning - I leave the hospital.

1-3pm I'm with a friend, we're in the car...we usually go for salads near the hospital, but today we ate in Seef. After eating we're on the hunt for skinny jeans...I wanted the dark coloured ones...after a few trips to the changing room I realized the ones I tried on looked too plain loool

3pm-5 - I go to my lecture, Research Methodology. Curse that class. Its torture. Literally torture.

5:30 I decide whether to go or catch the 6:30 bus back.

6:30 I begin my trip back to the other side of the bridge..I'm the walking dead @this time lool

7:45 pm - I'm basically home, check whats in the microwave loool go upstairs and its usually when I end up having all my fone calls hahah....

8-1 am-ish mmmm....my memory is foggy lol I'm usually on the net or...hmm lol.

time to put my fone on the charger.


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