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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Do we really live and learn?

Now, I'm not blogging about myself in this post...I swear LOL
I just want to blog, so let me blog! :)

I dedicate this to someone, you know who you are.

It's easier to keep a friendship strong and happy for years on end
whereas a relationship would go sour in just a matter of no time.
Why is it that? Is there something wrong with them or us?
Or both. We hardly say both because both sexes hate to admit they
have their shortcomings. But then we come back to why?
In relationships more emotions and more expectations are involved.
We forgive more from friends when they're busy to get back to us,
but the same cannot be said about our special someone.
We both have high expectations. We need to stop. I'd say most of the time they
are unrealistic ones. Maybe it's because of the movies but
whatever the case is we need to learn to cut them
more slack and they should do the same alongwith respect.
Getting to know how to do that is difficult.Relationships are fragile.
Women tend to comprimise more, men are required to give more
whether its financially or love and attention. While comprimising too
much can make you lose yourself to the point where you don't recognize
yourself. The key is to draw lines. Don't go too far. The object shouldn't be
to try and change each other, that might even be temporary for they
will be true to themselves unless they want to change from within,
as it's natural.

Who are we to go beyound nature?

Saturday, 24 April 2010

I will either have to suck it up or escape from where I am. It's the indecisive inbetween stage that has my mind feeling unsettled.

Time will tell.......

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