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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Pessimistic vs Optimistic - whose the smarter one, who wins with less pain?

I've always thought of myself as being the optimistic person...I'll cling on to a tiny hope
or dream and make it my very possible reality but is that always good?
I had a discussion about this once with my sister and she's always taken the pessimistic approach
to nearly everything..I told her I can never live my life that way for if I did I would have nothing to be hopeful about. No dreams. How can there be happiness that way?
She gave something to think about...
She said what happens when those high hopes of yours get shot down ?
How do you feel?
You feel horrible. You almost wish it never even popped in your mind.
So it's best sometimes, she said, to protect yourself...from yourself. And be happy only when the time comes and it's right infront of you. Live for the moment, and the moment only.

I mean I have been hurt before so is that right?

What are your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Having low expectations in order to be happy with small surprises is the an easy path for an average life... what differentiates the really happy and successful people is that they set themselves high expectations and keep trying to achieve them and never give up no matter how many times they get shot down without losing hope.

Fadiosis said...

with all due respect to ur sis, I disagree. Even though she's right about the "self-protection" approach, but no! You tell me, you said you're optimistic, could you really live your life when you see the empty half of everything? Could you smile most of the day when your concept is "Never be happy unless the time comes!!" ??? I tell you something, I tried that once, it was hurtful. I can't imagine being one of those who call themselves realistic people, reality has boundaries. Being optimistic doesn't necessarily mean being dreamy.

So no, there's a saying "Hope for best, expect less." I totally go for that. Because تفاءلوا بالخير تجدوه

tn the same time, you won't shock yourself when something happens because you're not expecting much!! See the balance?

Sorry for the long comment. First visit to your blog :).

m-a-n-x said...

Anon - we need more examples of people like that...

Fadiosis - welcome to my blog :)
Your comment made a lot of sense, no really I like the way you put it, so it's not really about being dreamy and that you cant live your life half empty...nice!!

DarkShine said...

Being a pessimist sometimes has its ups and downs so does being an optimist. I know a couple that displays the good and bad of both traits. One is a pessimist and one a dreamy optimist. When the optimist goes beyond the normal realistic boundaries the pessimistic brings it back to reality, and when the pessimist gets too down the optimist brings it back up. So theoretically you need both people in this life, and you need opposite mates or friends. Based on your persona, your history be what makes you happy. Always look for hopes but never let it control you let it only guide you to that direction no matter where it leads.

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