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Friday, 24 November 2006

Mummy :(

I'm realllllly not in any mood to be cheerful right now heh so I'm gonna spill it. I guess everyone has something in their life that gets them down, for me it has always been my mother and the fact that it has been 8 years since i've seen my mom -yah since 1998...and everyone knows the story of her being in England & my dad not giving permission to visit her because he's afraid i wont come back.
But no one really gets it that its been that long, like my housemaids heh - they're like "may we dont c our children until every 2 years" its like how is THAT supposed to compare? Orrr the thing that really gets me is that when i say its been that long people tell me dont u miss her?? Its like being stabbed in the heart seriously, when they say that - why cant people be a little bit more sensitive? Just coz they might not understand the BLESSING of having their mother around - and just be with her. Thats why nothing bothers me the most then when i see my friends or anyone for that matter say they hate their mom or they wished they didnt have to see her today - i feel like sayin 2 them, wanna switch places??
Just last week i think, I met an old 'acquaintance' - i haven't seen in mmm...a while anyway he said something about did i see my mother recently? - and i said yah i will soon (coz i hang on to that hope coz without it i dont know what would happen to me) and he said "may! u've said that for over 4 years now" (thats how long he could remember) and it totally ripped me apart i was gonna cry right there in the cafe, i didnt say anything - what could i say?...then my friend *berryblast* said yah she'll see her mom next summer inshallah and i dont even know if its true but for the first time i felt really happy inside...that some1 is really understanding me and giving me hope...thanks berryblast* i couldnt say that to her in person, i dont know why...Im reminded of this today coz its her b-day and i called her...coz thats all i can ever do - just call her - INSHALLAH ya rabb i can see her one day...

sorry ppl for the depressing post heh - just one of them days i guess


khanum86 said...

mayyy!! *hugs*

i see the need to get to know that friend of yours. he needs a lil ride/push down the stairs:P hehehe

anyways, i hope you feel better today. wanna go for coffee or something? OR mcdonalds? OR anything fun?:P haha

may said...

^_^ thanx *hugs*

yah, we could - i'll call yah 2nite n see whats goin on, tc!

may said...

OOh n btw *berryblast* incase u didnt figure it - that 'acquientance' was Abbas...heh

khanum86 said...

OHMIGOD!!! okay, thats one person i CAN actually push down the stairs!

okay, if not puch down the stairs atleast smack him realllllyyy hard!

bored said...

lsn this is what you do

1.lose weight and shrink your height to a preferalbe 4'6(thats if your fat and tall )

2.make sure you pack enough snacks and food for a flight (its coming its coming )

3.go to fedex sneak in to the back,slip the guy a 500 riyal bill as shush money and poke enough holes in the box to breathe

4(optional) i sugest buying a psp for entertainment as it will take you 48 hours to arrive .

that should do the trick

or simply run for the border

both have been prooven ( dont ask)

nice blog btw

Ali said...

=( sad.
inshallah u will c her sumday. real soon.

Fo0f said...

I'm in a depressed mood these days, but heck, u got a bigger reason than mine :$
Hope u DO see her, soon!

lolo said...

my misho...u knw im sure no1 can put themselves in ur shoes and feel how u feel...but all i can tell u rite now is tht allah bi7ibbek and he will let u c ur mum very soon...i wish i cud take ur pain away and im sure ur iman is strong..so b patient and hav faith and hope sweetie..allah never 4gets ne1...luv u lots and if u ever need 2 talk u knw where 2 find me...im a good listener..mwa

Anonymous said...

Vat u do?
RU Hot?
cause i'm cold we can be warm 2gether...
A A A a A a ( laughter)
You secret lover boy

khanum86 said...

mayy, go look for hadeel in the cinema:P hahahaha

welll, or u can always try bored's way:P but dontttt even try. what am i gonna do for lunch :'( hahahaha. kidding. you will inshallah:) veryy soon, hopefully summer after we take french together:D

lover boy said...

I forgot to talk something to you..

U have a nice baby face but nose not so baby..

but nice for u to smell wiz.. and me to lick at....

ok i should be stopping.. but i am not so ok at comblimenting u but give me a chance
ok? my lover baby

may said...

thanxx every1 -3alooy-Lolo-Foof-*hugsss*

and since when did i have such craziness on my blog (annoymous + lover boy) hehehe ! random !

bored said...

yes may i agree you have weird people on your blog :D

well in my humble opinion you should the british thing and PURGE THE BASSSTAADS :D :p

well just a suggestion .

note :the following person has no affiliation with the owner of this blog so is exempt from any legal action that might be taken in case of live arson or any sort of misdemenor

khanum86 said...

hahaha, RANDOMNESS!! but i liking so i wont complain.. for a change that is:P

khanum86 said...

btw, WAR DECLARED between us.

"thanxx every1 -3alooy-Lolo-Foof-*hugsss* "

how come i wasnt mentioned and hugged? *sits in the corner and cries*:P

Big sis Little sis swimin in the water.. said...

Hey Monks ;)
I know i know you quite dislike that name but it's habit of mine, "So please excuse mon francaise" MErci :O)
You know the silly thing is i can easily get up walk out the room to the living room and just talk to you but i like the nutsyness of it all...

All you blogs a holics have a good night and um ummm yeahh


did i mention that i like cheese?

well i like cheese..

Love you sis..

lil fishy said...

inshallah ull be able to see her soon. and if anyone ever annoys u, feel free to call me, not just for the talking, ill actually beat them up for u :D what r friends for anyways 8<

may said...

*berryblast* *huggge hug* u know me didnt mean anythin by that- luv yah

bored- hehe what a fun guy u are! thats if u are a guy lol me still dont know who u are ^_^

don - aah what to do without a crazy sis like u? maybe i'd b too serious

my lil fishy - thanxxx u know i might take u up on that offer i got some ppl i'd like taken care of

The big Kahuna said...

Hey hey hey....
LOVE the upgrades!!!!

Especially the cookie monster it makes me crave one... hehe

" no my no my egg..." haha i have it stuck in my head and i have you to thank for it... :O)

I'm bored and i don't want to study soooooooooooo i'll terrorize all the peeps on ur gt list

ehm well me gogos


m-a-n-x said...

Hehehe i guess coz i luv being silly the ppl who comment end up being as well - lol big kahuna!! funny!!

DarkShine said...

hi monks

i made one hehehe... But i need you to teach me the ropes.. and yes thats why i was in my room for a while this blog making buisness is giving me headache hahaha...

LOPV EOY <-- that was suppose to be LOVE YOU hehehe

lolo said...

susu...talk about wanting 2 b the centre of attention..fhdjkkss...hahha...im allergic 2 ya...so misho chose moi...in ur face susu...hehehe...akeed bamza7..and misho...alwayz here 4 ya babe...my lil/big sis *winks* we'll neva knw...after 5y/o pic dn knw how old u r nemore....hehehez

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