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Tuesday, 12 December 2006

gym madnesSs !

heyy fools :D this morning i went to the gym with *Khanum*,*Darkshine* and Nada....we got there at 8:30 and all was good (weird thing is the little TV's on the machines show porn :P and i knowww that's the REAL reason why *Khanum* came extra early this morning lol j/k) anywayy like i said all was good until me and *Khanum* went to go shower (ok that just sounds wrong -eheh) and when i wanted to come out of the shower i realized my clothes were missing - loooool (its funny NOW) and so i was screamin wheres my freakin' clothes!!! and ofcourse *Khanum*, *Darkshine* and Nada thought it was sooo funny - i swear they led me on a goose chase hehe (and the lady watching over the lockers thought i was psycho by the way). *Khanum* was laughin so much she was all teary-eyed (which made me think of all the different possibilities of *Khanum* plots lol ) thennn my clothes were "placed" in the other shower - which i know *Khanum* said was MY doing loool - (yaaah, sure *Khanum* i dont trust ur sneaky smile :D) sooo we ended up leaving too late for Bahrain and so we to starbux...and the rest is history.


P.S Dont believe *Khanum's* story its b.s lol!


Ali said...

im the first to comment...yaay.. =P
but really nothing to say lol.. so which starbucks did u go to.. juffair??

Ali said...
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khanum86 said...


ohmigod!!! i CANT stop laughing. it was hilarious!!

and heyyyyy, they had porn on the BIG tv. i couldnt help it:P hahahaha

lolo said...

hehehehhee....funnies..poor misho all cold...will continue commenting l8r...g2g..mwa

DarkShine said...


YEAH n everyone blamed me!! i'm sure its Khanums all doing all planning all sneakiness..

go khanum go khanum go go go go ....


more pranks to folow..

Sweet Anger said...

all hail Khanum!!!

its a good prank although if you guys got pics then i suggest you post, will get far more traffic that way :D

ok how is porno supposed to help a person exercise?!?!

and YAYAYAYA finally none beta blogs can comment :| 'bout time

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