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Monday, 7 December 2009

We're adults. When did that happen?

The wifey scene. I don't know if people like me can pull it off. I might not have the wifey gene...then what?
I don't see the democratic, over-curteous, socially committed invite-them-over-for-dinner thing being something I can manage.
I'm just not like you.


Anonymous said...

if your not up for marriage dont get married .

m-a-n-x said...

ouch lol

Sweet Anger said...

*sighs* actually both of you are a little off, we're not talking abt being ready to get married, and being a wife is not defined by anything of what you mentioned manx my love.

Each woman defines her own term of what being a wife is. simply put you have no obligation to do anything of what you mentioned, just be you with a few hmm lol occassional compromises lets say, tit for tat and what not.

Stop worrying just enjoy :)

m-a-n-x said...

most of married friends are like that...always got to uphold family invites :|

ren_crow said...

Being a bachelorette is fun!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday ba66a..looks like u r happy being married.i really wish u the best

dooltie power said...

i guess most ppl think tht therez a certain person u hav 2 be after marraige...i mean sure u have 2 be responsible and think of your spouse but u jus hav 2 b urself and with the right person it will be easy....and im sure the wifey gene is there...its jus a recessive one hehehe

luv ya babes

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