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Monday, 17 October 2011

you're missing the point...


horrible neighbours - from friends' and personal experience of putting up with neigbour kids messing up their driveways, breaking car windows...

happy to litter and live in filth - ( it isn't just limited to the streets; back in my apartment hunting days boy have I seen my fair share of rice/kabsa, pepsi bottles everywhere in the apartments talk about discouraging, and with maids in the house!)

pampered by maids - according to the embassy published recently 80% of Saudi families own maids, now if that means that it's because of all the women working then that would mean we have a higher percentage of women working here than the US...extremely unlikely!

can't stand in a queue - this isn't just limited to supermarkets/malls/etc but even while driving many will create new lanes that don't exist race to be ahead and cut you off on the bahrain bridge lol

lazy - according to recent polls Saudi employees are quitting jobs very frequently and their reasons being: (a)they believe the work they're doing is not part of the job description (classic line, is every job task supposed to be printed exactly and did they even READ their job descriptions? lol) (b) foreign bosses are too harsh on them...no that's the REAL world and not the pampered one you're used to!

bad character - I don't even know where to start with my experiences with this one, it went even as far as a 40+ yr. old woman ramming her shopping trolley into my legs because she said she should go before me to the cashier..!

we want change to happen but don't make any effort - recent elections shown very few participants voting..come on, atleast we're going for some change! When given the chance they disregard it, why!? Baby steps people.

Basically we need to shape up people. We have to start with really young age (if the kids at their school cafeteria waving their riyals in their hands all at once buying za3tar are not even told to stand in a queue do you think they will as adults?!!). Being good to your neighbour, practising cleanliness, good character are all part of religion anyways, but maybe it's more important to do the extreme in relgion rather than focusing on these..


Engineer said...

I total agree with your observation. The key is to teach good habits and morals while kids are still young... its like a young tree if you support it while its small it will grow straight, but if you don't it might eventually grow to be crocked and bent.

O.AJ said...

OMG ! i LOVE this post
everything rings true !
boy oh boy don't even get me started on this queue thing!
the sad truth is society's behavior has gone from bad to worse !

Waleed al Rabeh said...

It is sad, but true. the only way I see for change to happen is through a strong hard kick in the ass. Competition will weed out the weak and lazy. The majority of people need to know what it means to work and strive for success, only then can we grow up as a people.

As for the 'housewives of the century', it just goes to show what an oppressive and hard life they must live (sense the ironic tone).

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