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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

My land...

A recent event on the news portrayed a racist woman bad mouthing the people who are harmlessly inhabiting "her" country. It was a real shame we've become this way.

why can't human beings live on God's earth without the need to segregate themselves into nationalities? I wish the whole idea of nationality & passports never existed the more you try and define a group of people the more you segregate and exclude that same group of people from the rest of the world. We should all have the right to live wherever we choose on God's earth why do we need some permission from any person, did he create that land?

Countries that have included people from all different backgrounds are found to be the most peaceful(such as Canada,Switzerland, and Malaysia).

It's very difficult in most countries (cough cough) to attain the nationality even if you have "enough points". Again, who gave those authorities the right? If you're not of this nationality you are not given many rights and are subjected to lower salaries. Why? Those of citizenship are not superior beings. The pride that comes from citizenship sometimes becomes disgusting.

These restrictions at times cause families to not be able to see each other.

People get injured and die daily trying to win back or defend "their" country. Why restrict yourself to a certain country when God has created the whole earth?
It's like the Palestinian/Isreali issue (OoOoO I did not just open up that topic lol)
firstly they quite admirably welcomed the Isrealis when they stepped foot on their land then they are being kicked out.Again, who gave you right? Now I'm not favour of the "let's fight till the end of time" scenario...it's still just a patch of Earth at the end of the day.

We should break those nationality bonds. I'm not proud of where I'm from because a country doesn't define me. My own personal actions do.

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