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Saturday, 28 January 2012

now what?

First everyone is obsessed with blogs but now(in Saudi)that's dead.

Then it went from "omg, please add me on facebook" to "omg it's so boring".

They then moved on to blackberry messenger/whatsapp but later said "eww I got rid of my bb" and nobody updates their whatsapp (most statuses are still set on Eid mubarak and Eid was months ago) .

Now they're on twitter and updating every few hours...I wonder how long that's going to last :P

You know what, I'm sick of you all LOL.


O.AJ said...

well, one thing is for sure, i am never bored with ur blog :)u always had a knack for clever observations. so keep it up, someone is always lookin even if they don't comment ;)

Zomblogger (aka you won't remember) said...

yup, i'm still reading your postings :) You've been missed, I always wonder how life's treating you. Miss your accent!

Hebah said...

the question is do you still like blogging?

m-a-n-x said...

Well hello everyone, I was going to call this post the unread post loool guess I was wrong.

O - some of us never change, it'd be nice to read someone's blog too :)

Zomblogger - interesting name, I don't know who you are but thanks :)

Hebah - till the very end, do you not like it anymore?

ZomBlogger said...

You do know me personally :P you just don't recognize me :) Glad to see some new posts, will go read them now!

M-a-n-x Readers